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Esteriore Caffè

Vivo RED Beans Esteriore Caffè - 1kg

Vivo RED Beans Esteriore Caffè - 1kg

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Savor the authentic flavor of Italian ESPRESSO with Vivo Red Beans - the premium coffee beans from Esteriore Caffè. Meticulously handpicked and roasted to perfection in Naples, these beans are the perfect choice for the ultimate ESPRESSO experience. Whether you prefer a classic shot of ESPRESSO or a silky smooth latte, these beans will deliver a taste that's sure to satisfy. So take a sip, close your eyes, and let the bold, robust flavor of Vivo Red Beans ESPRESSO transport you to the heart of Italy.


100% Ground and roasted coffee.

Coffee type: coffee beans

NAPOLI blend Strong, Decisive and Full-bodied.

100 Capsules

Ingredients: Roasted coffee.

Intensity 10 out of 10.


Delivery time approx. 1-5 working days.

At the moment delivery is limited to Switzerland.

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"Non si canta d'amore se non è Caffè Esteriore"

The Story

Five years ago, the idea of ​​having their own caffè came up. As Italians born in Switzerland, the Esteriore Brothers had a special interest in selling their own authentic Italian coffee - Amore per il caffè. After months of tasting, the right roastery was found in Naples and the coffee was to become part of the family's history - genuine, with a lot of passion and embodying the Italian way of life in its flavor.